Learn to knit or crochet

Two new teaching venues

In September and October, you can learn (or improve) crochet or hand-knit with me at two new venues.


The first is Knittiquip which is at Breedon Priory, Breedon on the Hill. Breedon is one of those curious places in England which is in one county (Leicestershire), but has a postcode for another (Derbyshire), presumably because it is so close to the border. I always know when I’m near Breedon because I can see the church up on the hill from where there are amazing views of the East Midlands. St Mary and St Hardulph church is very old and still has some Anglo-Saxon carvings.

There has been a yarn shop at Breedon Priory for a while, but it changed owners recently. The new owner, Tracy, owns alpacas, although you may be disappointed to learn that they do not live at Breedon (so there are no photos). However, Knittiquip does sell yarn spun from the alpacas’ hair, as well as a wide range of branded yarns. I was particularly excited to see gansey yarn from Frangipani Yarns. You will not be surprised that I bought a cone of amethyst! Knittiquip also sell yarns from a range of brands including Incawool, King Cole, Lang and New Lanark.

I’m digressing, I should be telling you about the classes and workshops! I’m teaching two crochet classes at Knittiquip, both for beginners. I call them Learn to Crochet, First Steps and Learn to Crochet, Next Steps. Since these are for beginners, the numbers are limited to five per class, so that the participants can have as much help as possible. Anyone who completes both classes should then be able to follow simple patterns, understand abbreviations and symbols and most importantly be able to crochet in rows and rounds.

Rufford Craft Centre

The second venue is Rufford Craft Centre, which is at Ollerton, Nottinghamshire. Rufford is in an area known as The Dukeries because it has more ducal seats than any other area in the UK; Clumber House, Welbeck Abbey, Thoresby Hall and Worksop Manor. This is also the location of Sherwood Forest which is famous for hiding Robin Hood and his merry men!

I’m teaching three workshops at Rufford: Afternoon Tea, Simple Colour Knitting and Glorious Grannies.

Upcoming knitting and crochet workshops