A Suffolk seaside summer holiday

Suffolk Collage

This year we decided to have a Suffolk seaside summer holiday. We’ve flown over, and travelled on and under the sea, but not actually been to the coast for a long while, so we were excited about this holiday. We’re a bit too old for buckets and spades, but we did take our bikes on holiday for the first time and really enjoyed cycling around the Suffolk countryside. The weather was fantastic, the food delicious and there was much to see and do. We loved Suffolk and want to return to the places we visited, as well as go to some we didn’t!

I had never been to the county of Suffolk before and knew very little about it beyond the Adnams brewery being in Southwold. Here are nine things that I discovered about Suffolk:

  • Lavenham is a very woolly place.
  • There are hollyhocks everywhere.
  • Fishermen sell their catch from huts on Aldeburgh beach.
  • George and Ernest Adnams bought the Sole Bay Brewery in 1872 – George was later eaten by a crocodile (in South Africa, not Southwold).
  • The Anglo-Saxons were amazing craftsmen and women – there are many skilled artisans in Suffolk today;
  • There are lots of picturesque cottages, some of which have very steep stairs.
  • The beaches are fantastic, and yes, there were beach huts in Southwold.
  • Vegetated shingle, a scarce habitat, is found along the Suffolk coast.
  • There are nearly 80000 pigs but only 19000 sheep and 9000 cows in Suffolk (Natural England).

I shall write in future posts about some of the places we visited and some of the things we did.

I did intend to write this post last week, but the great computer catastrophe intervened; said computer is feeling a bit better and can struggle on for a while – old age, you know! Decisions need to be made as to when and how it will retire, so if posts are a bit erratic in the next few weeks, you will know why!

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