Waltham Abbey Wool Show at Home

Waltham Abbey Wool Show at Home takes on Sun 17 Jan 21. I'm taking part as an exhibitor. Opens at 9 am on your computer, tablet or mobile.

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Wonderful Wonderwool Wales

I visited Wonderwool Wales for the first time last weekend. Here are some of the woolly exhibitions and some of the beautiful yarns on sale.

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The Big Textile Show

There seems to be at least one yarn or textile festival every weekend at the moment. I've been suffering from real indecision about which ones to visit. Last weekend was one of my few free weekends until December, so it was fantastic to be able to visit a local event.…

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Twist Collection

Twist Collection - a new pattern Sometimes I knit swatches just because I like the look of a stitch pattern and I'm curious as to how something as simple as knit and purl stitches can create the pattern. Twist Collection started from that sort of curiosity. I'd seen a stitch…

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A tale of two yarns

With some yarns it is love at first sight, while others take longer to appreciate. As you might imagine, loving colour, I find it hard to resist Noro Yarns yarns, although, I’m trying, since when I buy one, I usually just look at it for weeks (even months) because I cannot decide what…