Bubbles beanie hat

I have just published the pattern for Bubbles beanie in print and digital formats. The bubbles are formed using a simple cable pattern.

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Guinevere fingerless mittens

I have just published the pattern for Guinevere fingerless mittens in print and digital formats. Guinevere features a floral stranded colourwork pattern on the back of the hand and a small allover pattern on the palm.

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Meander wrap
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Meander wrap

Meander wrap is my latest hand-knit design. The pattern is published by The Knitter magazine. This design plays with the idea of randomness.

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Twist Collection

Twist Collection - a new pattern Sometimes I knit swatches just because I like the look of a stitch pattern and I'm curious as to how something as simple as knit and purl stitches can create the pattern. Twist Collection started from that sort of curiosity. I'd seen a stitch…

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I love yarn!

I love yarn! You didn't realise? I love the colours, the texture and the smell, yes even the smell. I love the different breeds of sheep, alpaca, angora rabbits and cashmere goats - woolly creatures that make yarn possible. I love spinning, dying, knitting, weaving, tapestry and embroidery. I love anything that…

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