Woollen Woods 2015

Find out about Woollen Woods which takes place in May 2015 at Rushcliffe Country Park in Nottinghamshire.

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Solar eclipse 2015

A trial and error approach to using an artists canvas, card and binoculars to view the solar eclipse on the morning of 20 March 2015.

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Colours of Yorkshire

Enjoying a break in Yorkshire looking at coastal and mossy colours, as well as the colours of Yorkshire yarn.

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Inspired by natural form

I was inspired by natural form when working on my MA collection of ethereal knitted installations. Take a look at some natural forms.

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A need for nature

Many designers find inspiration in nature. However, I'm thinking about how I need nature to refresh the mind.

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A Suffolk seaside summer holiday

This year we decided to have a Suffolk seaside summer holiday. We've flown over, and travelled on and under the sea, but not actually been to the coast for a long while, so we were excited about this holiday. We're a bit too old for buckets and spades, but we…

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