One-to-one tutorials with Nicki

Tutorials at the Being Knitterly Studio

You can book one-to-one tutorials at the Being Knitterly Studio.

If you would like a face-to-face one-to-one tutorial please answer the questions below when you contact me.

Online tutorials

You can book an online one-to-one tutorial with me. After booking your place, I’ll email you a link and instructions for joining the meeting hosted on Zoom.

You will need either a desktop or laptop computer or a tablet or a smartphone.

I use screen sharing and an external camera to demonstrate techniques. You will be able to see me talking to you and see what I’m doing, at the same time. If you wish me to see what you are doing, you can use a computer and external webcam or use a camera phone on a stand. Please note: an online tutorial is not suitable for knitting or crochet beginners.

If you would like an online one-to-one tutorial please answer the questions below when you contact me.

Before booking your one-to-one tutorial

I’d love to teach you to crochet or hand-knit in a one-to-one tutorial. There are a few things I need to know before you can book!

What is your current experience of knitting and crochet?

Have you have tried to knit or crochet before? Or have you tried to learn, from a book or video, but struggled?  Or did you learn years ago, but have forgotten? Or can you do the basics (crochet: chain, double and treble crochet, traditional granny square; knit: cast-on, cast-off, knit and purl, garter stitch, stocking stitch, ribs and moss stitch) and would like to improve. Or are you fairly experienced (have made many items including garments)?

Just describe what you can and can’t do.

Have you a knitting or crochet goal in mind?

People book one-to-one tutorials for many reasons:

If you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll want to learn the basics. You might want to learn the techniques for a particular pattern or to read a pattern. You might be struggling with a particular project (I won’t finish it for you, but I’ll teach you what you need to know!) I might even rewrite part of a pattern if that’s what you need. Or maybe you are more experienced and would like to learn a particular technique.

Are you left- or right-handed?

I can teach both and have handouts for both.

How many hours do you want to book?

How many tutorials would you like?

Normally I take bookings for tutorials that range from one to three hours long. At the moment I am offering one-hour tutorials only. You can book a single tutorial or several tutorials. If you book more than one tutorial I shall set you some homework to help you practise what you have learnt and prepare for the next tutorial.

When would you like to start?

Suggest a few times and dates and I’ll let you know which are suitable.

Where would you like to do your tutorial?

One-to-one tutorials take place at the Being Knitterly Studio or online via Zoom.

How do you book your one-to-one tutorial?

Once I know how you want to proceed, I will send you a plan for your tutorial(s) and a secure link so you can pay, either by PayPal or card. One-to-one tuition costs £32.00 per hour for crochet and knitting. The tutorial plan is a flexible starting point, not set in stone. It’s there to help me with advance preparation so that you learn as much as possible from your tutorial.

After booking your one-to-one tutorial

A week before your one-to-one tutorial I shall email you to remind you of the time and date. If you are coming to the Being Knitterly Studio I shall include the address. If you are having an online tutorial I shall include the link for Zoom. I shall also let you know if you need anything for your first tutorial.

If you’re a beginner, I’ll provide all materials and tools, as well as a summary of the techniques covered. If you want to learn a particular technique, then you bring your own equipment and I’ll provide materials and a summary of techniques covered. If you want help with a project, you’ll need to bring it to the tutorial.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements for a one-to-one tutorial.