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Nicki wearing her Love of Lupins Fair Isle cowl

Welcome to Being Knitterly!

I’m Nicki and I love making things. Usually, you will find me knitting, crocheting or stitching.

I want to help people to use creative projects to improve their wellbeing. I like to create a calm, supportive atmosphere when I’m teaching and to hear a gentle buzz of conversation while people enjoy learning new skills and connecting with others.

I run creative wellbeing sessions for local organisations. I love to see people transform from reluctant participants to strong advocates of the benefits of stitching.


I like to design projects that look great when finished, have instructions that are easy to follow and have good finishing techniques built into the design, which means that the project will be easy to finish. My aim is for you to enjoy the process of making and feel a great sense of achievement when you have finished your project.

Cover of Fair Isle Knitting and Design by Nicki Merrall

Fair Isle Knitting and Design

Fair Isle Knitting and Design is a comprehensive guide to stranded colourwork as practised by the knitters of Fair Isle and Shetland. It is aimed at knitters who wish to learn or improve stranded colourwork techniques, as well as those who would like to create their own patterns and colour combinations.

This book will further expand your skills and creativity in Fair Isle knitting and design.

Yarn packs are available for the designs in the book.


Creative wellbeing

Have help with your creative projects in the company of like-minded people.

One-to-one tuition

Have a bespoke one-to-one tutorial to learn techniques or have help with your project.

Short courses

Come to a short course, comprising three classes, to learn how to knit or crochet.


Come to one-day workshop to focus on specific knitting or crochet techniques.

This was a fantastic course. Now I have the confidence to embark on a project to knit a blanket.


I enjoy knitting but lacked confidence in finishing the individual garments. No more!


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