Fair Isle Knitting and Design – a brief guide

Fair Isle Knitting and Design is a comprehensive guide to stranded colourwork as practised by the knitters of Fair Isle and Shetland. It is for knitters who wish to learn or improve their stranded colourwork technique as well as those who would like to create their own patterns and colour combinations.


Painterly shawl

Knit Now magazine has just been published the pattern for my Painterly shawl. It is a colourful asymmetric shawl. The colours and stitch patterns were inspired by brushstrokes in paintings by Van Gogh.



Sometimes magic really does happen, especially when it snows. This story is about Snowtwig, a small snowman, and his Fair Isle knitted hats.

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Fair Isle Yarn

As a knitter I love yarn and my favourite yarn is wool. I also love colour and the Fair Isle technique, so it was inevitable that eventually, I should buy yarn from Shetland. Shetland Spindrift, from Jamieson's of Shetland, is spun from wool produced by Shetland sheep, and every process…