Sometimes magic really does happen, especially when it snows. Everywhere looks different covered in white. Mysterious footprints appear; who are all these visitors you never see?

A small snowman sitting on a car

One morning, after snowing all day then freezing all night, a small snowman appeared on top of a car, looking around for his friends. “It’s a good view from here”, said Snowtwig. “Look, I can see a friend sitting on that wall over there!

A small snowman sitting on a snowy pillar

But what if someone drives this car away, what would happen to me? I don’t feel very safe up here!  I’d much rather be in your garden.

Snowtwig in the garden

And by magic he was!

Snowtwig said “I’d like a woolly hat; every smart snowman should have a woolly hat!”

“It’s got to be a Fair Isle hat, but does blue suit me best, or does brown?” What do you think? Should Snowtwig wear the blue or the brown hat?

Snowtwig wearing a blue and white Fair Isle hatSnowtwig wearing a brown Fair Isle hat

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