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Best of 2017 and my 2018 theme

2017 and all that! Happy New Year everyone!  I've been reviewing the last year and thinking about my 2018 theme. My theme for 2017: Connect A lot of good things happened during 2017. I was one of the winners of the Designer category of Knit Now magazine's Knitter of the…

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Reviewing 2016 and my 2017 theme

Thinking about my 2017 theme, based around the idea of "connect". Exploring different ways of developing worthwhile relationships.

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These hands are my hands

The joys of being left-handed These hands are my hands. They look like normal hands. Everyday tasks But these hands write like this! These hands can manage to use right-handed scissors fairly neatly. These hands use a knife and fork in a conventional way. But they hold a spoon with…


An old year has ended, a new one begun

Happy New Year! The Old year I've just read my post from a year ago (Beginnings and Endings), in which I commented on how little hand-knit I had done for myself. Or indeed hand-making of any kind, since I had been designing and making machine knit samples for my MA.…

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My transition from scientist to an artist

It is nearly a year since I graduated with an MA in Fashion and Textiles from Nottingham Trent University. Now, together with some of my fellow Master's graduates (Brenda Baxter and Janet Wootton), I'm installing work for an exhibition, "Transitions", which opens tomorrow. The exhibition reflects on the transitions that…


Summer garden

We are certainly having unusual weather this year in the UK. In January it was relatively mild, and many plants were flowering early (Spring in January?). Then winter set in and kept on going and the garden seemed to be hibernating (Snowtwig). Long overdue, leaves and flowers started to appear,…



Welcome to those who have followed Being Knitterly from its old location on blogger. I'm hoping the new location will help me to keep up-to-date writing blog posts, and the new website will make it easier to upload information about patterns and workshops. The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy.…

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Sometimes magic really does happen, especially when it snows. This story is about Snowtwig, a small snowman, and his Fair Isle knitted hats.

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