Knitwear Finishing Techniques workshop

Using mattress stitch to join two pieces of stocking stitch fabric

Finishing Techniques workshop

I am running my Knitwear Finishing Techniques workshop again in 2024. Let me tell you about this workshop.

When does the Knitwear Finishing Techniques workshop take place?

This workshop will take place from 10:00–16:00 on Saturday, 18 May 2024.

Where is the Being Knitterly Studio?

The Being Knitterly Studio is in Loughborough, Leicestershire. I shall send you full details and directions after you have booked.

Why should you come to the Knitwear Finishing Techniques workshop?

You might have knitted a garment that didn’t turn out the right size or even shape. Maybe you have several “works in progress” that need finishing but, you prefer to cast on a new sweater than finish one. Maybe you knit beautifully but are disappointed with your finished garments. You might want to “polish” your finishing skills.

Whatever the reason, I’ll show you techniques that will help you finish garments successfully, so you will be proud to wear them or give them to others.

Neck band worked from stitches picked up along side of neck.

You’ll have refreshments all day, a home-cooked vegetarian two-course lunch (for all dietary needs), as well as delicious home-baked cake in the afternoon.

“The techniques we learned will really help make garments look better. All the knitters attending were very nervous that we weren’t advanced enough for the course, but it was at just the right level for us all.”

Wrong side of sweater showing beautifully neat seams at the underarm joined using mattress stitch

How will you learn?

I shall demonstrate each technique, both to groups and individuals. The first few times that you try something, I shall talk you through the process as you do it. I shall demonstrate as many times as necessary and let you practise. During the workshop, you will knit several small samples. You will leave with a handout giving instructions for each technique. You will finish the workshop eager to try these techniques on your current project!

What will you learn?

You’ll learn to:

  • Knit a tension square and use it to measure stitch and row tension.
  • Make and use different selvedges.
  • Shape a garment using mirrored increases and decreases.
  • Block your knitting.
  • Use short-row shaping to shape shoulders.
  • Join shoulders using the three-needle cast-off.
  • Sew seams using mattress stitch.
  • Pick up stitches and knit a button band with buttonholes.

When you book a place, I shall give you instructions for knitting a tension square to bring to the workshop.

At the workshop, you start by measuring the stitch and row tension of your square. I’ll demonstrate how to block knitted fabric made from different fibres.

Right side of sweater showing a beautifully neat sleeve seam joined using mattress stitch

Then you’ll knit a small sample with mirrored increases and decreases, followed by a couple with short-row shaping for the shoulders.

After lunch, you will join the shoulder seam using a clever cast-off method, sew a seam using mattress stitch and pick up stitches to knit a buttonhole band.

Right side of sweater showing a beautifully neat side seam joined using mattress stitch

“I enjoy knitting but lacked confidence in finishing the individual garments. No more. The finishing techniques Nicki showed us has improved my confidence, knitting skills and knowledge. Now I am looking forward to completing my next project and know it will look more professional and polished.”


You leave the Finishing Techniques workshop with your knitted samples and written instructions for each technique. You will want to finish those projects, knowing that you now have the tools to make them look great!

What do you need to know beforehand?

You will have tried to knit one or more garments, but you are not happy with the finished item(s). You will be confident with one cast-on method, as well as working in stocking stitch and a rib. I’ll be teaching you everything else that you need for a great-looking garment.

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