Waltham Abbey Wool Show at Home

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WAWS at Home

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Waltham Abbey Wool Show at Home takes on Sunday 17 January 2021 and I’m taking part as an exhibitor. The show opens at 9 am on your computer, tablet or mobile.

9:00–12:00 – Zoom Exhibitor Marketplace – entry £2.00

9:00–17:30 – Exhibitor Facebook Lives

13:00–14:00 – Zoom Designer Q&A – entry £5.00

15:00–16:00 – Zoom Podcasters Lounge Q&A – entry £5.00

And you will be able to visit the exhibitors, free of charge, on the WAWS webpage from 17 January – mid-February 2021. Tickets for the Exhibitor Marketplace, Designer Q&A, and Podcasters Lounge Q&A are available from the WAWS website.

You will be able to visit my stall and chat with me during the Zoom Exhibitor Marketplace and find me via the WAWS exhibitors webpage afterward. I’m offering 10% off kits and yarn packs using the code: WAWS2021.

Join us

I know, during the first lockdown, I was hesitant about taking part in virtual knitting groups and meetings. Months later, I’m grateful that I can see friends and family virtually, watch online events, and take part in online shows. Connection with others is so important for our well-being. Seeing people virtually is not the same as seeing them in real life, however, it is far better than not seeing them at all.

Meanwhile, having shows online means that we can “go” to shows that would normally be too far away for us. This applies as much to exhibitors as visitors.

So, I’m looking forwards to seeing you on Zoom from 9:00–12:00 on Sunday 17 January. And, who knows, maybe one day we shall meet there in person.

If you would like to know about other events you can read my blog posts about 2021 dates for UK yarn and fibre festivals and 2021 dates for European yarn festivals.