Keep Calm and Carry Yarn, part 1

A few weeks ago I visited The National Centre for Craft & Design for the first time. This is in Sleaford, a small market town in Lincolnshire. I didn't see that much of Sleaford (unless you count driving around the one-way system several times), but the little I did see is very attractive.…

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Welcome to those who have followed Being Knitterly from its old location on blogger. I'm hoping the new location will help me to keep up-to-date writing blog posts, and the new website will make it easier to upload information about patterns and workshops. The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy.…

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Maker’s Yard and Makers’ Mart

In my last post, I wrote about the St George's area of Leicester and showed you some of the old warehouses and factory buildings. Regeneration of this area and its rebranding as 'The Cultural Quarter' started around 2000. A new theatre (Curve) was built, Leicester's art cinema (Phoenix) relocated, and the Moderne cinema became the Athena conference…

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The Cultural Quarter, Leicester
Alexandra House (1895-8) by Edward Burgess, Rutland Street, Leicester Originally a bootlace warehouse. Damaged in WW2. Cleaned in 1990.

The Cultural Quarter, Leicester

Recently I visited the Cultural Quarter in Leicester. Even though I grew up near this city and visited often, this is an area with which I'm not that familiar. The things I do remember are the Moderne former Odeon cinema and the flat-iron corner of The Exchange Building, with its…

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Fair Isle knitting is fantastic!

Last weekend I went to Abergavenny to teach some workshops at The Wool Croft. The Fantastic Fair Isle workshop took place on Saturday and Sunday. On the Saturday we worked in the exhibition space above The Art Shop; a beautiful 16th century building with original wood and limestone floors, and Victorian shop…


The Wool Croft in Abergavenny

I'm sure many of us have dreamt about owning a shop full of beautiful yarns, glorious fabrics and happy customers. Ginevra Croft had that dream and nearly two years ago, she opened The Wool Croft in Abergavenny. This shop is enticing from the outside, with an attractive window display which allows…

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A quick note!

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts in the last few weeks. There's nothing to worry about; things have been busy with work, which is a good thing, but has meant that some things, such as writing for Being Knitterly, have slipped. There's actually a lot to write…

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I love yarn!

I love yarn! You didn't realise? I love the colours, the texture and the smell, yes even the smell. I love the different breeds of sheep, alpaca, angora rabbits and cashmere goats - woolly creatures that make yarn possible. I love spinning, dying, knitting, weaving, tapestry and embroidery. I love anything that…

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Holey socks!

There are good holes and bad ones; sadly these beautiful socks now have both! You could be forgiven for thinking that I'm sock obsessed since I have written recent posts about Noro Kuryeon sock yarn, the socks made from that yarn "muddy socks", and my own design (Sweet Dreams socks). I do enjoy…

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Muddy socks!
Stripy sock knitted in Noro Kuryon Sock yarn

Muddy socks!

Do you remember trying to mix paint colours as a child? And how easy it was to produce mud-like colours? A few weeks ago I started knitting a pair of socks using Noro Kureyon sock yarn (blogged about in "A Tale of Two Yarns"), which I bought because I loved the…