A quick note!

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts in the last few weeks. There’s nothing to worry about; things have been busy with work, which is a good thing, but has meant that some things, such as writing for Being Knitterly, have slipped. There’s actually a lot to write about, but not the time to do so properly. So here’s a taster of what I shall be writing about soon!

Just before Easter I visited Iceland for the first time (note: hoping to return)! There’s lots to write about and a lot of photos from which to choose! So, for now I’ll just show you one knitting-related photo.

Skin shoes and knitted shoe inserts from Iceland

This weekend, I’m teaching a two-day workshop, called Fantastic Fair Isle. Then on Monday, I’m teaching a one-day workshop, called Fair Isle Knitting – First Steps. Both workshops will take place at The Wool Croft in Abergavenny. I’m really looking forward to meeting the local knitters and learning about the area.

Flowery Purse from "Fantastic Fair Isle" workshop

I’ll be publishing some new patterns soon: Twist hat, Twist cowl, Twist fingerless mittens and Twist mittens. These will be published individually and together as The Twist Collection. They are knitted using Rowan British Sheep Breeds Chunky Undyed, which is a beautiful yarn with which to knit.


See you soon!