My little secret: Knitter of the Year 2016!

Designer of the Year 2016

A few weeks ago I received an email to tell me that I had been selected as one of the winners of Knit Now magazine Knitter of the Year 2016! I was asked to keep this a secret until it was announced in the magazine.

Knitter of the year logo

Well, of course, I read the email several times just to check that it really did say that I was one of the winners. And I did ask Mr BK to read the email, just to check that I wasn’t imagining it. Because I don’t usually win things. Then there was quite a bit of excitement here in the Being Knitterly Studio, although, in a controlled way because my studio is small and very full, therefore there’s no room for dancing. Or even waving of arms. And I may have eaten a celebratory piece of chocolate! And we may have drunk something bubbly at the weekend because you should celebrate your achievements.

Knitter of the Year categories

Knitter of the Year call for entries

Knit Now is a British knitting magazine that runs an annual competition called “Knitter of the Year”. They want the competition to be a celebration of the very best of the knitting world. There are five categories with five winners in each category. Anyone could nominate people for the Online Innovator, Local Superstar and Charity Hero categories.

Designers who’ve had fewer than five designs published could enter the New Designer of the Year category. They had to design a knitted item using less than 100 grams of Sirdar, Sublime or Hayfield yarn (who sponsor the competition). Entrants had the choice of submitting a swatch and a sketch or photographs of the finished item.

Designers who’ve had more than five designs published could enter the Designer of the Year category. Entrants had to create a mood board (a themed collection of inspirational images), and use their mood board to design an adult garment. This is the category that I entered.

Knitter of the Year winners

Knitter of the Year winners

The winner’s in each category were announced last week when Issue 70 of Knit Now was published. And, you know, because I don’t win things, I didn’t want to say anything until I’d actually seen the magazine. My local shops seemed to have stopped stocking knitting magazines, so it’s taken me a week to track down the latest issue of Knit Now. And, yes, there is the announcement at the bottom of page 48!

What’s next?

All the winners go on a day out to Sirdar, meet their designers and see the new seasons’ yarn and designs. Of course, I’m looking forward to visiting Sirdar, but I’m also really looking forward to meeting the other winners. That’s going to be so much fun! The winners of the New Designer and Designer categories will have their pattern featured in Knit Now. And the mood boards created by the winners of the Designer category will be used as the inspiration for a collection in the issue that features their design.

So there we are, my little secret is out. And now, you can tell anyone and everyone about it!

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  1. Loraine

    I am so thrilled for you Nicki – talent, skill and hard work pays off!

    1. Being Knitterly

      Thank you Loraine! Your help has been invaluable too!

  2. Caroline Davis

    You are incredibly talented Nicki. It’s fantastic to read this and see you receive this recognition of your creativity.

    1. Being Knitterly

      Thank you Caroline! It’s very exciting!

  3. Linda Cox

    Well done Nicki, it’s wonderful to get recognition for your ideas and a reward for all your hard work. I now know someone who has won something !!!

    1. Being Knitterly

      Thankyou Linda! I was so surprised when I received the email and didn’t really believe it until I saw the article in the magazine!

  4. joanna terry

    Congratulations! What a lovely reward for all your hard work and talents. Well done.

    1. Being Knitterly

      Thankyou Joanna! I’m looking forward to getting started on the winning design!

  5. Fiona

    That’s brilliant Nicki, well done and congratulations.

    1. Being Knitterly

      Thankyou Fiona, sometimes I amaze myself!

  6. Mary May

    I’ve just joined this community and, among other things, I’m thrilled to see that your base is in Loughborough, as I’m just down the road in Quorn. I’m about to be out of the country for 6 motnhs, going to live on a boat in the NL, where knitting and other handicrafts are really popular. Every small town has a wool shop and last year when I was there, I started Fair Isle knitting and made some hats and scarves. I’m packing my needles again and have lots of plans…so I’ll keep you updated on Knitting in the Netherlands.

    1. Being Knitterly

      Hi Mary May, it’s good to hear from you. I’d love to know about knitting in the Netherlands.