Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

What is a Foundation Diploma?

Today I’m going to show you work by some of the students who completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Loughborough University this year. The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is a one-year course preparing students for entry to degree-level art and design courses. During the Foundation Diploma students develop the conceptual and practical skills required for a degree. Most Foundation Diploma courses have three stages. This example is from Loughborough University;

  • Stage 1: introduction to a range of pathways (Fine Art, 3D Design, Visual Communication and Textiles) working on different thematic projects to enable students to choose their specialist pathway for the rest of the course;
  • Stage 2: prepare for degree interviews – work on projects to develop work for a portfolio, complete UCAS applications;
  • Stage 3: develop and complete a final project, the work from which will be displayed in the exhibition.

Other universities and colleges will have a similar structure for their Foundation Diploma courses. The work I’m showing you today is all by students specialising in textiles developed during their final project.

Eva Temple Blundell

I liked Eva’s work. The cut and folded paper is quite mesmerising and is a clever way of making something three-dimensional, without using structural materials.
Multi-media sample by Eva Temple Blundell

Freya CG Burgess

Freya’s work is also three-dimensional. I like the transparency of the pieces and how the different layers can be seen in the first piece.
Freya will study for her degree at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Multi-media sample by Freya CG Burgess
Multi-media sample by Freya CG Burgess

Grace GK Johal

I loved the way Grace’s “garlands” moved slightly in a gentle breeze. It’s quite a subtle piece that made me think of bubbles and reflections. Maybe Grace’s work is not an obvious textile piece, but I think she has printed onto a acetate-like medium.
Grace will stay at Loughborough University for her degree.
Display by Grace GK Johal

Jessica ES Broad

Jessica’s kimono caught my eye. The image shows the back of the kimono and you can see some of the front in the photos on the wall behind. I like the rough patchwork and the small bright highlights.
Jessica is going to study for her degree at Middlesex University.

Patchwork kimono by Jessica ES Broad

Jessica Groves

I liked the use of shadows in Jessica’s work. You can see the shadows in her photographs. The embroidered writing also created shadows on the wall. Jessica has used free-style machine embroidery to stitch the writing.
Jessica will study for her degree at Loughborough University.
Display by Jessica Groves
All these students specialised in textiles and will have used a variety of techniques and materials during the course. For their final projects, some have applied textile techniques to non-traditional materials, which creates exciting and original work.
In my next post you can see work by more students who took the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.

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