Durham sweater

Durham Sweater by Nicki Merrall
© The Knitter Magazine 2016

Durham sweater

Durham Sweater is the second of my patterns to be published in February 2016, this time in The Knitter, Issue 94.

Inspired by Norman craftsmen

The main stitch patterns on Durham were inspired by the large patterned pillars along the nave of Durham Cathedral. A cathedral guide told me that the patterns on the stone blocks in each pillar were carved before construction and that this was possible because there was only one block or two different blocks in each pillar.

Sketches of pilars at Durham Cathedral by Nicki Merrall

The welts and neckband were inspired by the stonework patterns around the arched cathedral doors.

Durham Sweater by Nicki Merrall
© The Knitter Magazine 2016

The perfect yarn

Not long after visiting Durham, I went to WonderWool Wales for the first time. I had so much fun seeing and squidging yarn that I’d only seen in photos. You know how it is; there’s so much choice and you really must buy some, but what to choose? Then, I saw Viola from John Arbon Yarns in a shade called Unpredictable; I knew it would be perfect for my Durham sweater design.

Viola Yarn from John Arbon Yarns

Viola is a beautiful soft double knit 100% merino yarn. It is worsted spun from blended dyed tops, which results in specks of different colours. It’s available in the following gorgeous shades.

Hanks of yarn in muted colours hanging on grid wall

 Durham sweater details

Durham Sweater by Nicki Merrall
© The Knitter Magazine 2016

Durham sweater is knitted in rows using short-row shaping for the shoulders, which are then joined with a three-needle cast-off. Stitches are picked up around the neckline and the neckband knitted in the round, then the sleeves are attached and finally the side seams and underarm seams are stitched.

The pattern for Durham sweater is available in eight sizes: 90.5, 95.5, 100.5, 105.5, 110.5, 115.5, 120.5 and 125.5 cm chest (36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50 inch chest) with 7 cm positive ease.

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  1. Christine

    Really enjoyed knitting this and very pleased with the result. I made it for my daughter’s boyfriend who has been studying in Durham for the past 5 years, it just seemed that it had to be knitted.

    1. Being Knitterly

      Hi Christine, I’m so glad that you love this sweater. It’s great to see photos of the finished sweater on Ravelry, and I love the label you added with details of my inspiration!