Charnwood knitting group

I’ve been going to a couple of knitting groups for many years – actually both are into their second decades! The Charnwood knitting group has met in various venues over the years (homes, then Blackberry Yarns in Mountsorrel, then homes again, then the Toby Carvery in Loughborough). Recently, we have changed both day and venue.
This was our second meeting in our newest venue, the Crown Inn in Shepshed. The origin of the town’s name is Anglo-Saxon and is connected to sheep, although the exact derivation is disputed. The prosperity of the medieval settlement was due to the wool trade (as was that of many nearby places). So this is an appropriate location for a knitting group or anything connected with wool.

Cosy corner at The Crown

We think we’re going to enjoy our meetings at the Crown. Although it’s owned by a large brewery (based nearby in Leicester) it has the ambience of a family-run pub, i.e friendly and individual.

Plate at The Crown: meeting place for the Charnwood Knitting Group

Anyone who goes to a knitting group will know there is always a lot to talk about and last night was no exception. Mary had just returned from a knitting retreat in Assisi; Eileen had been to a workshop at Loop, London; Julie showed us photos of some of her patchwork quilts and Sue was crocheting (yes we crochet too!). And then there were new yarns to look at, although no new books or magazines this month.

I brought along some yarn that I had purchased earlier that day from ArtYarn. This was much admired and really I’m lucky that I managed to leave with all the balls I took along! At least I think I did – I’d better go and check!

Golf by Lang Yarns

Golf is a lovely mercerised cotton (hence the shiny, shiny appearance). This would make some beautiful evening purses. I bought it to use in my “Tessellating Crochet” workshop at Keep Calm and Carry Yarn this Saturday. So, I was crocheting squares in preparation and need to make some triangles and hexagons as well. Guess what is on my to-do list today!

The Charnwood knitting group now meets on the second Wednesday of each month in members homes.

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  1. Pam Bancroft

    I and two of my friends are interested in knitting groups. Two of us are able to knit but I am a beginner and would need a lot of help.
    Do you think this group would be useful for me as a beginner?
    Are the days and times still the same?
    Please let me know as soon as possible as we are keen to get started.

    1. Being Knitterly

      Hi Pam,
      It’s great you want to join us. I think that knitting groups are great for beginners, since you will meet many people who can help you. Beginners don’t stay beginners for long! So, don’t be afraid; just come along. Bring some knitting or crochet and enjoy yourself.
      We have recently changed the day of our meetings. I’ve just emailed someone to check when the next one is. I’ll add a comment to this post when I know.

    2. Being Knitterly

      Hi Pam,
      We’re now meeting on the second Wednesday of the month, so the next meeting is Wednesday 11 February 2015, still from 7 pm.