Hi! My name’s Nicki and “Being Knitterly” is my blog about knitting and stitching, creating and making.

My love of working with fabric and yarn goes back to my childhood. Although I learnt to crochet, as well as many styles of embroidery and dressmaking, the ability to hand-knit eluded me, despite the endeavours of family members. In my late teens, I had a eureka moment. I realised that being severely left-handed was the cause of my knit difficulties; once this was solved knitting rapidly became my passion.

Modular knitting techniques were used to make the Paul Klee throw, by Nicki Merrall, inspired by 'Before The Gates of Kairouam'

I’ve worked as a biochemist and a biology teacher for many years. Recently, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Fashion Knitwear Design, followed by an MA in Fashion and Textiles, both at Nottingham Trent University. During my MA research, I transferred traditional hand-knit techniques to fully computerised knitting machines, developing a craft-based methodology for working on these machines, You can imagine that my scientific training was very useful! My final pieces, inspired by natural forms, were large sculptural installations knitted in a synthetic monofilament. This project brought together apparently disparate aspects of my life: an early interest in natural history, a love of traditional craft skills and the ability to use complex technology.

Machine knit spiral by Nicki Merrall

I’m working on new projects, both hand and machine knit, and am looking forward to sharing these.

machine knit sea creatures installation by Nicki Merrall