Easter Bunny

Pink knitted bunny with multicolour pompom tail

A new friend for Big Bunny and Little Bunny

Since you first met Big Bunny and Little Bunny, they’ve had a few adventures. They explored Nottingham, looking for carrots. They visited Avignon and were nearly rabbi-napped! They’ve been to London and nibbled on carrot cake at the V&A. So much excitement for these bunnies.

Big and little knitted bunnies made from a square of garter stitch

Well, they’ve had a lot of fun recently meeting my students coming the How to Knit classes. And best of all, from the bunnies point of view, was that my students made their own Bunny from a Square! More bunnies spreading their cute happiness.

A new friend

We associate bunnies with Easter, so of course Little Bunny and Big Bunny now have a new friend: Easter Bunny.

Little Bunny, Easter Bunny and Big Bunny in the garden

Gosh, Easter Bunny, you are bright, but it is Spring, so that’s alright.

Easter Bunny’s first adventure

Easter Bunny is rather inquisitive. He’s been exploring the garden with Little Bunny and Big Bunny.

Pink knitted bunny with multicolour pompom tail

What a cute tail!

What’s he sniffing? Must be these lovely primroses.

Primrose flowers

What else might he find? Well if he looks up, high up for such a small bunny, then he’ll see these golden daffodils.

Four daffodil flowers

And some narcissi.

A single Narcissus flower with cream sepals and petals and bright orange corona

And even some rosemary.

Many rosemary flowers on a stem

But I think his favourite is the primrose. Just the right size for a small bunny to sniff. Oh, Easter Bunny, you must not nibble the flowers!

Easter Bunny smelling some primroses

Make your own Easter bunny

Making a Bunny from a Square would be a great project for the coming week. Here are the links to my instructions, photos and a video showing you how to make your Easter Bunny: Part 1: knitting and Part 2: sewing.

You can use any yarn and any sized square, however, you’ll find the sewing part is easier with a larger square. So, if you’re using double knit yarn, then cast on a minimum of 30 stitches; 40 would be better. And use slightly smaller needles than you would normally for the yarn, so if you’re using double knit yarn use 3.50 mm needles.