Fair Isle Knitting and Design

by Nicki Merrall

Fair Isle Knitting and Design is a comprehensive guide to stranded colourwork as practised by the knitters of Fair Isle and Shetland. It is aimed at knitters who wish to learn or improve stranded colourwork techniques, as well as those who would like to create their own patterns and colour combinations.

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Even knitters new to Fair Isle knitting can create their own designs. Nicki uses her collection of designs in the book to show how you can substitute alternative patterns or motifs, modify new ones and design new patterns. She also illustrates how you can use colour theory to develop simple schemes with a few colours. Then she shows you how to use inspirational images to create complex colour schemes using one or two sets of colours.

This book will further expand your skills and creativity in Fair Isle knitting and design.

Fair Isle Knitting and Design is a beautifully illustrated hardback book which includes:

  • The development of Fair Isle knitting.
  • A collection of Fair Isle patterns and motifs.
  • Exercises to develop a sense of colour and apply colour theory to Fair Isle knitting.
  • Detailed step-by-step guides for the techniques used in Fair Isle knitting.
  • Five original designs.
  • Guidance on adapting existing Fair Isle projects and designing your own projects.

The patterns included are Tessare fingerless mittens, Love of Lupins cowl, Colours of Autumn scarf, Rose Petal mittens and All the Fish sleeveless sweater. The patterns are only available in the book. Yarn packs are available for Tesserae fingerless mittens, Love of Lupins cowl, Colours of Autumn scarf, Rose Petal mittens and All the Fish sleeveless sweater.

Published June 2020 by The Crowood Press.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2 cm

4 reviews for Fair Isle Knitting and Design

  1. joanna (verified owner)

    Just received my signed copy. I’ve had a flip through and can’t wait to read it properly. It looks absolutely beautiful and so clear and detailed. A true work of art and testament to Nicki’s many skills and her love of Fair Isle knitting and design. Congratulations to Nicki and the team.

  2. Annette Mitchell (verified owner)

    This book is an inspiration. Unlike the multitude of Fair Isle books out there, this is not just a book of patterns.
    From the history of Shetland knitting through to colour theory and adapting motifs to create beautiful items, this book covers every aspect of how to master Fair Isle knitting technique and design.
    The patterns that are included are graded, to allow the knitter to develop their skills and master techniques before branching off into their own creative world.

  3. Lisa Pidgeon (verified owner)

    I received my book last week and spent the weekend learning how to knit with both hands and weave in ‘floats’. This really helpful book is clear, concise, and full of colourful illustrations and alternative ways of learning Fair Isle knitting – left, right or ambidextrously. Well done Nicki – am really looking forward to improving my technique with the aid of this fab book!

    • Being Knitterly

      Thank you, Lisa, I’m glad you are finding my book so useful!

  4. Sandra Martin

    Thank you Nicki Merrall for writing your marvelous book on Fair Isle Knitting and Design. I live in New Zealand and found your book in a Library. It is the best book on Fair Isle that I’ve seen, and I love the meticulous and methodical approach. I ordered my own copy for my birthday, and it is now rather dog-eared from the use it has got!

    I have been working through the items in the book, using the suggested colours, but making minor substitutions where colours were not available. I’ve finished the fingerless mitts, the cowl, the scarf, and have almost finished the mittens. Next is the vest with the dreaded steeking!!

    I love the way the designs are carefully crafted to learn and absorb new skills. The progression has been perfect for me, and very confidence-boosting.

    I especially liked the section on colour theory. I hadn’t seen that anywhere else, and it made a lot of sense to me.

    My favourite knitting book!!

    • Nicki Merrall

      Thank you Sandra! I designed the patterns for progressive learning and am so pleased that this worked for you. I am also very happy to hear that the book is available in libraries.

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