One Stitch at a Time creative wellbeing group

One Stitch at a Time group

Online creative wellbeing group:

Tuesday evening: 19:00–20:30, Tuesdays 4, 11, 18 and 25 May 2021.

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One Stitch at a Time creative wellbeing group

About creative wellbeing groups

Before the pandemic, I ran a couple of creative wellbeing groups. One was for Headway Nottingham, the other for the University of Nottingham Nursing and Midwifery Association.

Headway Nottingham runs a day centre for people with a variety of brain injuries. Each person has a different combination of physical and mental disabilities caused by their brain injury and has to adapt to a different life as a consequence. Just over five years ago, I started a knitting group for Headway. This group has increased from three to fifteen members, and activities now include knitting, crochet, embroidery, rag-rug making and weaving. I develop projects for each member and teach them the skills they need for their project. These may take a couple of sessions or several months. Some people only work on their projects in the sessions; others take them home.

When I started this group, we hoped that carrying out repetitive actions would lead to new neural pathways. We do not know if that happens. However, the group evolved to be so much more than just learning craft skills. So much so that within weeks of joining the group, people who thought that they would never stitch were extolling the benefits to non-members. They love the sense of achievement in learning a new craft and completing a project. More importantly, they find that working on their projects, in a group setting, reduces anxiety and improves mental health. They benefit from companionship and non-competitive empathy.

All student nurses and midwives at the University of Nottingham are members of the UoN NMA. Their welfare secretary asked me to run a Knit and Knatter group as part of their welfare program. When we stopped meeting because of the pandemic, members were starting to knit baby hats. They are making these hats for the neonatal units where they work. They find that learning a new skill, developing mindfulness through stitching, connecting with other students on different courses in different years, and making gifts all benefit their mental wellbeing.

One Stitch at a Time group

Join this group to:

  • Knit, stitch or crochet while chatting with others.
  • Forget about your problems and enjoy crafting with other people.
  • Connect with like-minded people.
  • Find inspiration and encouragement.
  • Have help with your knitting, stitching or crochet projects.
  • Become less isolated.

Joining the meetings

After booking your place, I’ll email you a link and instructions for joining the meeting hosted on Zoom. Only people who have booked will be allowed to join a session.

You will need either a desktop or laptop computer or a tablet or a smartphone.

We shall use gallery-view on Zoom so that we can all see everyone.

If you need help with a technique, I shall use screen sharing and an external webcam to help you. You will be able to see me talking to you and see what I’m doing, at the same time. I can also use this method to show you inspiring books and my knitting and stitching projects.

Over time I expect this group to evolve, as members settle in and decide what is most beneficial.

Other information

Online groups work best when there are fewer members; so, there will be only eight places in this new group. Having the same people at each session will help everyone get to know each other, you will need to book a place for all four sessions.

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  1. Ruth Pickering

    I have am really enjoying being part of this group and being able to talk all things knitting, crochet and stitching as well as lots of other things going on in our lives. It is great to be able to ask Nicki things and then she demonstrates the answer. We are all at different stages in our crafting journeys some seem very experienced and some like me still have a lot to learn. I have already signed up for next month.

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